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Akers Quail Ranch
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1,337 +/- acres located on the west side of SR 415 south of SR 44 with 1.38 +/- miles of frontage along SR 415. Existing uses of the property include pasture, hay production, hunting and low intensity silviculture. Several structures (agricultural and residential) are situated on the property.

Pine flatwoods, including mesic, wet and scrubby, is the dominant ecosystem on this property. Other natural habitats include strand, basin and dome swamps. A small portion of the natural habitats has been converted to pasture and a borrow pit. Low intensity silviculture operations have been practiced within the pine flatwoods over the last 40 years. While most of the flatwoods have been replanted with slash pine, older longleaf, pond and some minor amounts of sand pine are relatively common. These older trees are good indicators as to past flatwood conditions. The understory of the flatwoods is generally comprised of gallberry, various oaks, palmetto, fetterbush, wiregrass and numerous herbaceous species.

Bald and pond cypress dominate the various swamps. Other dominant groundcover species, which commonly occur, include maidencane, St. Johnís wort and yellow-eyed grass. The water quality of the borrow pit on the northern edge of the property appears to be good. Some small patches of cattails and maidencane are found along the shoreline.

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